KwakInnClub вызывает Ригу, и Рига выходит на связь! Мы снова открылись – приятная новость, которая становится уже привычной: на этот раз знакомая всем квакинцам символика украсила не только стены здания на улице Gleznotāju, 2, но и на Jauniela, 13 в самом сердце Старой Риги!

KwakInn Draught & Bottle на Марата, 19 совмещает в себе beer-shop и легкое пивное кафе экспресс-формата. Минимум кухни и максимум пива – такая основная задумка, превращающая привычную бельгийскую вывеску KwakInn в настоящий рай для биргиков.

Our third beer cafe, KwakInn at Zvenigorodskaya, opened for public in May, 2014.

We kept on growing by opening our bar in historical Saint-Petersburg in the former building of Duchesse Stenbock-Fermor.

Bright and light space at the ground floor, stylish interior, where Past melted with Present, 60-s style wall painting, Belgian flag colours, comfy chairs funny bottle lamps - that's what awaits you here.

As usual, we have more than 100 kinds of Belgian classic, accompanied with best European examples and best Russian craft beer.

We proud of our kitchen here, at KwakInn Club. One may find everything to support his efforts in Belgian beer exploring - Classic Belgian cuisine, local 'hits' and seasonal offers.

We have lot's of events here - beer degustations and lectrures. And, of course, sports - big screen makes you feel like at the terrace!

To cut a long story shorter: KwakInn at Zvenigorodskaya, 2 is the main address to visit, if you feel yourself in Belgian mood.

Our first Belgian beer cafe - we make trend!

KwakInn have been opened in May, 2009 by Vladimir Postnichenko - person, well-known as 'Uncle Vova' or 'Old Fart', former drummer of NOM band and creator of 'Cinic' bar.

It hase become an outpost for Belgian beer culture in Saint-Petersburg. It was the place where our friends tried Kwak, Chimayor any other Belgian beer fo te first time. Now we have more than 100 of them.


It was the first place in our town where original frites and mussels were prepared. 


Take a fascinating journey through the most interesting nooks and crannies of our Belgian beer cafe. Virtual tour will help you create a general impression, and the actual visit to complement the image of the appropriate atmosphere.