KwakInn Club is the bar chain. We have Belgian beer caffe and 'Les Frites' diner. All of them become the real ambassador of Belgian beer and cuisine tradition.

The Belgian beer history in our city started at Bolshoy av., 37 in 2009, where we launch our first bar. That's the place where people started to recognize the best beer country in the world. Today the Belgian cuisine and beer are the one of the most popular trend in HoReCa buisness in our city.

But we are special. Because

  • We always refresh our beer line. Now we have at list 90 sorts of beer, and sky is the limit. We work with local brewers. So the one may find the very special and unique beer only at KwakInn.
  • We always offer the special events to our guests. Our events are dedicated to the history of Belgian brewing and cuisine. And it happens every week.
  • We always update our menu. Our chiefs are always in search of something new.
  • We was the the first ones who introduced the Belgian style mussels to the customers. But being in rush does not mean 'forget your tradition' - that's why real Belgians (including Belgian Embassy stuff) visit us again and again.
    We are easy to reach. All of our bars are always in 5 minute walk from subway station. Or you may park your car easily to enjoy a glass of beer.
  • Our interiors are both traditional and modern. We emphasize the Belgian style but we try to be comfort to our clients.
  • We are always with you. Sport events, every special day - we glad to share it!
  • Challenge is not what we fear of. For example, we started our 'Les Frites' project to unify the best traditions - American Diner, Belgian (Or French) Cantine - so everyone may find the best.
    We are growing. We are the ones who developers. So follow us with our new projects!

Kwakinn Club means good beer, good service and good atmosphere!